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New Projects:
Habitat for Humanity: This new committee is working to help landscape a new Habitat house in Gilmer County.

Litter Control and Recycling: This new committee has adopted a one mile section of Hwy. 282 to help maintain. They organize "pick up parties" four times a year. They are also working with the county to try to bring more recycling to our community.

Continuing Projects:
Ellijay Visitors Center Plantings: This committee develops the landscape design and maintains the plantings around the Ellijay Visitors Center.

Festival of Trees: The Garden Club will be participating in the Gilmer County Library's Festival of Trees again this year with yet another beautiful Christmas tree on display.

Flower Show: The Garden Club will be sponsoring a standard flower show at the Gilmer County Fair. All Club members plan to enter at least three specimens or one floral design.

Garden Therapy: This committee works closely with the Gilmer County Nursing Home to create happy surprises for the residents. Felt Easter Eggs filled with goodies are passed out on Easter, Pumpkins with goodies on Halloween and felt Christmas stocking distributed on Christmas. Other activities include crafting projects with the residents.

Plant Sale: The Garden Club's annual plant sale is in May each year. We will sell garden related items such as potted plants, seeds and bulbs donated by club members. Proceeds from the plant sale are used for community beautification projects.

The Library Courtyard: This committee develops the landscape design and maintains the plantings at in Gilmer County Library's courtyard entrance.

Youth and Education: This committee works to encourage Gilmer County children to participate in the youth projects sponsored by the GCG and the NGC.