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Welcome to The Garden Club of Ellijay's web site. Our goal is to provide up to date information about local, state and national garden club events and activities.

The Garden Club of Ellijay presently consists of 50 gardening enthusiasts from all over the County and surrounding areas. The club was established in 1991 and became a member of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. on March 31, 1997. We travel all over the southeast to visit gardens and attend educational gardening programs and seminars.

We are very proud of the work we do in the beautification of our community and the joy we strive to bring to our citizens. Please click on our "Projects" page to see just a few of our current projects.

Once again, welcome and thank you for visiting us!


Tree Seasons

Trees caressed with warm spring breezes
Awake me gently with their sighs,
Stretching limbs as darkness eases
Silhouettes dancing on pink dawn skies

Sturdy giants of my childhood
Held me high above the ground,
Queen of all from where I stood
Leafy kingdom all around

Autumn’s gift of colorful leaves
Dance merrily, swirling at my feet.
Bright leafy patchwork quilt she weaves,
Glorious days often bittersweet.

Bare branches whip in futility at unseen thieves,
Relentless winds grasp the storm’s demand.
I watch ice laden limbs crashing past the eaves,
Stormy skies beckon where branches spanned.

Spring returns and leaf buds swell,
New life defies winter’s passion.
Strong limbs grow where weaker fell,
Glorious rebirth with the sun.

by Linda Ragland, Garden Club of Ellijay, President
Garden Club of Georgia Poem Award Winner 2003